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About Us

The Searchmont Ski Runners Inc. (SSR) is a registered not-for-profit association that develops and administers Alpine Ski Race Programs for youth between the ages of 6 and 18. We are a member of Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA) in the Northern Ontario Division (NOD). Our race headquarters is located at Searchmont Resort in Searchmont, Ontario.

The SSR is led by a Board of Directors and various subcommittees of the Board. These volunteer positions help to ensure the success of our club and our athletes.



To encourage, promote, coordinate, improve and provide the support to enhance the experience of all who wish to race or be involved in the sport of Alpine Ski Racing


To be a leading competitive ski racing club by supporting and developing our athletes, coaches, volunteers, and officials.


To promote skill development in the athletes, coaches, volunteers, and officials.

To enhance character development by promoting discipline, independence, confidence, and fairness.

To develop a strong team spirit in our athletes, coaches and volunteers.

To create a social environment for family and friends.

To promote a healthy lifestyle through being active outdoors.

To encourage dreams of being a top competitive athlete.

To have fun!